If you feel you have channeled Reiki symbols and would like to donate them to the site, here are some guidelines:

  • Contributions given to the site with an open license have priority.
    • This site is under a Creative Commons license, perhaps an "Attribution, non-commercial, share-alike" license.
    • You may license your symbols under the site license or devise your own. You may even retain full copyright and grant Opensourcereiki.org the permissions to create line art and diagrams of your symbols and to display your symbols on the site. Opensourcereiki.org will only be responsible for displaying the proper license with your work, not chasing down people who violate your copyright. Opensourcereiki.org will not be under any obligation to display copyrighted symbols.
    • Open symbols, if accepted for inclusion, will get preferential treatment.
    • You may create your own page on the site, host your symbol drawings or other art or photos on your own site, and include them in the pages of this site, as long as they are not deemed offensive or inappropriate viewing material.
  • You can snail-mail drawings to the site coordinator for inclusion. Please include directions for drawing them, similar to those on this site already.
  • You can scan your drawings and email them to info-symbols@opensourcereiki.org
  • You can fire up an art program such as Illustrator or Fireworks, and draw your own symbol and symbol-drawing diagrams to your own liking and submit finished web-ready art to the site.