Symbols Channeled by the Crisses:

Reiki Symbols

Here are the group of symbols channeled by myselves as contributors to Otherkin Reiki. For full pictures of the symbols including drawing diagrams, click on the name of the symbol:

Teser'tian or Tezer'tian: The Host Symbol

This is my newest symbol, for hosts or multiples. I believe it should be used in Host Attunements to assure a more accurate "aiming" for giving all the partitions of the mind/body/aura/etc. the infusion of the symbols and energies granted in an attunement. Theoretically the host/mind-group itself can use the symbol to perform multi-person healing or attunement passing, because I was thinking of the possibility of energy compression so that multiple flows could pass along the chi channels of the body at the same time, kinda like data compression over fiberoptic cables.

Larasee (or La Ra See or La Ra Si): Vocalization and Expression

Channeled on 8/6/99. My sense on it (which is particularly strong tho I haven't tried it yet) is that this symbol is Vocalization & Expression. I had been talking about there being a gap in the healing energies, that throat chakra issues were being neglected, and that in this day and age the throat chakra is in dire need of healing in many people This symbol frees up things like a "lump in your throat". Triggers healing for thyroid issues, and throat, mouth, lip, tongue, etc. cancers. Frees blocks on emotional expression, balances when vocalizing anger (moderating it if too much/too little), loosens one up for singing, helps you to speaking your mind. These issues also parallel many other things that are related to vocalization and opening of the throat, such as sexual expression, mantras. Possibly negotiation. May be good before giving classes/workshops/talks to help your speak clearly and to be expressive.

Note: When drawn in the air, instead of drawing circles, the way I pictured it is that one flicks ones fingers outwards, such that it causes energy ripples ( the circles are the concentric rings of the ripple, which is why the number of them doesn't seem to really matter when you draw it as long as it represents a ripple effect)--it took me a while to figure out a pleasant and accurate way to represent it on paper....the symbol itself is a representation of vocal intent, rising up, and then the vibration/ripple through the air which is the sound of someone speaking, chanting, or singing.

Neresta: Mental Clarity

This symbol was channeled in by me on 8/5/99, because I decided it would be neat to sit with paper ready and look around at all the symbols. This one I just happened to catch enough fragments of to reconstruct. This one just seemed to be humming its name when I was channeling it.... and I just figured out what it's probable function is:

Mental centeredness. Clarity of mind and thought. Alpha brainwave states. Clensing of mental baggage, phobias and reactive patterns. Peace of mind. Clearly laid out patterns and processes of thought. Concentration, study.

Temple of Fate (non-Reiki glyph)

Channeled on 8/7/99. This, and it's name, is about all I know about it this far, but as a priestess of Fate, I'm pretty certain there are more ramifications for this symbol, when I get a chance to ask my Patron about it.

Now that I look at it, however, it appears to be a symbolic top view of a temple ritual in Temple Black, with the Lord on his dais, and the alcoves where the bondelves are, the door out of the cathedral, etc. It's very abstract ;)


Channeled on 8/7/99. Nervous system healing. Use with nervous system disorders, nervousness, acts as a nervine. Spinal chord and brain stem injuries, nerve affecting diseases.

Unnamed symbol (non-Reiki glyph)

This symbol wasn't named yet. I channeled it in, I believe, when I was in Kitchener, Ontario. I have no clue yet as to whether it is a Reiki symbol per se. Its purpose:

Gatekeeper: use around magickal circles or on pillars of Gates, etc. Protective Sigil: Use to ward objects, to protect individuals from psychic attack. Shield: Use in emergencies as a mobil personal shield vs. mental/psychic or magickal attack.