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List post # 33 - June 29, 2000 - Railenne:

You even want to know what I am working on now? grins I think I have temporarily stopped channeling symbolled Reiki... but it appears that "Soul Massage" I came up with is Reiki (a thank you for confirming that to Casteglan), and probably a lot of my other weaves are too, just need a victim... er... volunteer... to test them on... :)

I can also double La-ho-chi and Yannae flows now (I had previously developed a double Heyyana flow) , which was done by accident with how I was passing them during the Trash Punch from Hell... (this was before I got the nice Immara notes and could see how Eyovah was attuning people to it previously)... which actually works rather interestingly... oh and Ri? What's the normal use for Yannae again?

List post # 41 & #42 - July 2, 2000 - Jarin posts about new symbols. See if we can get the symbols, and use the explanations from this post for documentation.