On the repetitiveness of Attunements (i.e. putting the symbols into the crown, the palms and the third eye)

I happen to agree with you. I do agree with doing it a couple of times...but I think it is helpful in getting one to feel the flows of energy better. Remember, the attunement is an introduction to a style of energy flow. The multiple times are useful in getting someone used to the feel of it....as for many people it is the "first time" they get a strong feel that ANY energy work is effective.

I think it may partially be a good training device to get people to actually focus on what they are doing, and to get into and stay in the right head-space to be doing work, attunements, etc. A bit of ritual focus can go a long way. --Rialian, OtherkinReikiList?, June 29, 2000

There are people who are already practitioners of various things, and Reiki is becoming merely one tool to be incorperated into their large repertoire. There are those who are sensitives but not ritual practitioners, who already have decided for themselves that ritual per se is not a necessity for them (like myself). There are people who don't know a athame from a large hatpin and need to memorize stuff just because this is something entirely alien to them. Etc.

The ritual of attunement is not a "bad thing" ...but for me it's a hinderance not a mnemnomic aid :). I understand that there are things-to-do and a logical order to them, as I outlined in my post. For some people, ritual is necessary for the will-focus, or order, or whatever. I have a pretty intensive headspace, and a lot can be going on in my head without a single thing being done physically apparant to other tax payers :) that includes manipulation of energies outside our body, movement of nonordinary reality body parts/limbs, persons directing energy constructs much like astral projections outside the body (we did that during the main ritual at Kin North, this odd dual-perspective as Ruth manifested over the ritual space to view it from above, and use herself as a partition/barrier/shield for the ritual space). Most of that kind of manipulation we do in trance/meditative states. We don't require ritual to bring us to that state, we fall into it during intense conversations quite naturally enough :) lol...as my lovers and other persons can attest to (when Crisses is staring glassy-eyed into space, she's usually having an intensive conversation between more than 5 people in her head).

But TEACHING the ritual methods of attunement, or even coming up with a ritual as I would like it to teach to my reiki descendants wouldn't be a bad thing. It's best to memorize something like that before making alterations to it... :) I would probably demonstrate &/or teach the original Diane Stein methods, or Trashpunch methods... -- Profiles/TheCrisses, OtherkinReikiList?, June 29, 2000