Open Source Reiki is the particular brand of non-traditional reiki being taught amongst the Otherkin community at this time. A bunch of people who are very sensitive to various kinds of energies have stumbled upon the teachings of Usui and Karuna Reiki, learned them, and discovered that they can expand on it. Currently the "teachings" of Open Source Reiki are relatively new, and are given out with little screening to persons in the Otherkin Community, because, frankly, for a lot of us it is yet-another-healing-energy -- i.e. "been there, done that, just couldn't figure out how to get it to work HERE".

I was also a hands-on healer in another life, and I had little success with getting my healing techniques to work on this now, since I still feel the calling to be a healer, I practice Reiki. But that's not all. I have a knack for seeing new symbols, so I also channel new Reiki symbols to fill the gaps in the current Reiki modality. There are approximately 25+ non-traditional symbols available for use in Otherkin Reiki, plus the Karuna and Usui symbols, for a current (approximate) total of 40+ symbols. There are STILL plenty of symbols out there waiting to be discovered :)
--The Crisses
people who for one reason or another believe that they are not human &/or not from this world. Yeah, this includes aliens, but generally we're talking about people who think they are, or were in another life, a mythological being (ie: dragon, elf, djinn, mermaid, unicorn or whatever). Otherkin Resources.