Karuna Reiki:

A trademarked system of Reiki, at first said to be for purposes of the system not getting watered down, but soon thereafter changing to a method of control over the healers using the system. There are 4 levels taught, there's I and II, and there's Level I Master and Level II Master. There are new/different symbols from Usui Reiki (I count 9 new symbols, for a total of up to 16 symbols for a Karuna Reiki Master), more diverse types of healing for more specific issues, with it's own complexities, clannish following, red tape, and beurocracy. These teachings generally have a prerequisite of learning Usui Reiki III first.

Note that this system is supposedly closed and static. Practitioners take a vow to keep the teaching methods, and symbols taught, static and unchanging. No room for improvement or advancement is allowed, in spite of their long list of principles.