Crisses is well on her way to make up an entirely new Criss-attune system. Not without enough egging-on from her guides, of course.

I already participated in one dual-attunement with Chi'un Li via an out-of-body attunement on someone who doesn't pay taxes (a Japanese emperor, long dead, long story). Li just stepped in and did the attunement with me like "Oh, geez, haven't you guys figured out by now that having ONE person "trash-punch" attune someone to 500 symbols just isn't gonna happen?" It seems that if it were necessary/desireable to attune a person to the entire suite of symbols/energies, one would do it with a massive group (10 practitioners who were doing 50 symbols each, or 20 doing 25 each, or whatever). Each person would choose a "set" or more of symbols to attune the subject to (we already have a few "sets": Usui symbols, Karuna symbols, Railenne symbols...I'm working on making my own "set" too... lol...or eventually we can divvy them up into symbol families regardless of whom channeled them)...and then they'd tag-team or do two-attuners to one-attunee at a time... I think THAT is where the multiple energy entry points became necessary. 3 or 4 practitioners could attune at the same time if access to feet, crown and hands were used simultaneously...I think Li is saying that practitioners of the same...monastic class? were usually used, because they would not interfere with each other, having similar beliefs/signatures/etc. and faith in each other as a brotherhood. But that's getting too hokey for me :) lol. I mean, I have no idea how we'd emulate that in current western society...poor Li, scratching his bald pate again... -- Profiles/TheCrisses OtherkinReikiList?, June 29, 2000

What might work is to design the framework of such an attunement, and see how the context of different groups of people would work it out to match the criteria Li is seeing. Monastery we may not have, but there may be a way to reach that sort of link to get it to work....possibly a gather that was specifically focused on such an attunement as the end-point? I would think you would need several days at least, but it could be done. -- Rialian, OtherkinReikiList?, June 29, 2000