I've noticed that there seem to be actual "components" for some "Composite" reiki symbols:

For instance, the raku becomes a component in tibetan Dai-ko-mio. It's also a component in the "lightning" (1) form in Railenne's Tsuriai (2) and in my own Tian-ta (3) the lightning symbol pierces the "nerve cell" part of the Symbol....

A while back I figured out (I think) why Trueform doesn't work for everyone: it seems to consist of components such as "wings" and "tail" and possibly "horns" (tho that part of it I would dare say is not horns, but probably "Form of" (oi, more references to bad 70's cartoon series coming up)...). Not everyone has all that, so maybe it resonates less with other people.

Small circles (seen in Harth [healing relationships, there are three small circles in the symbol], Halu [deep healing re: negative patterns, unconscious, etc.], Gnosa [accessing one's higher consciousness], Om(?), Neresta (4), and my latest symbol Teser'tian (5) ( [the host symbol, in which a circle appears (one head) at the top, with a bunch of x's (forming actually 9 places where lines cross) below it, symbolizing the people inside]appear to symbolize the head/brain of a person...but it's too early to say right now, as there are just so many symbols that are based on people and healing personal issues, etc.

But that's the kind of component I am talking about, thus theoretically making those whole symbols a composite of various symbolic components.

Thoughts? Disagreement? Agreement? Rotten fruit? :) -- Profiles/TheCrisses, OtherkinReikiList?, June 29, 2000

1 Lightning 2 Tsuriai 3 Tian-ta 4 Neresta 5 Teser'tian