This here page is to coordinate people digging through the archives. (starts at beginning of archives. You can search for a number as well)

Poke around the wiki, and you'll find sections of posts that are up in the wiki, with quotes. Get an idea of what is "relevant" information, and the style it's being put up in. Poke behind the scenes.

Please feel free to pick a range of posts to go through so that we don't duplicate each others' work. Try to pick a manageable set of posts, list yourself as the person doing them, and change the numbers listed for "no one" below.

Go through the posts and try to find important or relevant bits of information and put them into the wiki.

Feel free to create new topics as necessary.

When you finish the section, make a note of it (see below).

Eventually people can go and alter the wiki topic pages to summarize/elaborate on things so that they're appropriate to the topics and to the eventual conclusions of the topics involved. This may include eliminating the "voice" of the original speaker and making the wiki topic post into an "editorial we"

Archives from -- assigned to

1 to 30 [finished] -- TheCrisses (examples of how I logged direct quotes from the archives can be seen in discussions of symbols and attunements from the first 30 posts on the list...)

31 to 60 [finished] -- TheCrisses

61 to end -- no one

there are 1578 archived posts as of this listing! :)