Once upon a time there was an inspired dragon-person named Eyovah?. Eyovah, and his brother Rialian?, a rogue Chaos Reiki elf entirely responsible for the magical awakening of his brother, spread much mischief at Otherkin gathers, attuning people already magically inclined to Reiki for absolutely nothing, all the way to, and past, Master levels. Many little magical people, being hit by the Reiki clue-by-four, began channeling new symbols, coming up with new ways to apply Reiki, and a non-traditional Reiki movement started.

Then Eyovah had another bright idea: why not get all these inspired magical people to channel the whole compliment of Reiki symbols and write up a manual for the use of all, to disseminate free Reiki in some measure of entirety, to all people. Eyovah started imploring Otherkin Reiki? practitioners to join in on his project. I, The Crisses, was one of those people, and I agreed.

Then, tragically, Eyovah died. His spirit roved onwards, as unstoppable and inspired as ever, and verified that each and every person who was going to be in on the Reiki Manual project when he was heading it would still do it, even though he had died. Here we are. In the wake of his death, we started a list (the Otherkin Reiki List). And now, this...the Open Source Reiki project. The idea behind this project is to make the manual that Eyovah envisioned so we can get this bug out of our butts and no longer be geased. :) We welcome, in fact we NEED, input from other people as well. Please join us.

The idea behind this project is that healing, and information about healing, is a birthright and needs to be freely disseminated, collaborated upon, taught, and shared. This project section highlights Reiki and all of it's forms. Sooner or later, other sections may crop up on other healing modalities, to foster a true complimentary medicine perspective within the open-source ethic.

Please feel free to contribute original text that you have copyright to. Any quotes or indirect citations of other works must be within public domain, open-source agreements, or within "fair use" copyright policies, and attributed to the correct source. Please be certain not to alter quoted or attributed text such that it will violate copyrights of others.

I greatly look forward to contributions and additions/alterations to the information herein. Please respect the spirit of the project, and its inspired founder, and do not harrass, graffiti, or sabotage the site, but if you do be assured that someone will correct the page shortly, so it's simply a waste of your time.

Proverbial Butt-Covering

In these times of governmental controls and unreasonable litigation/legislation, general idiocy in the world, and people's greed, it is a requirement that we make the following statement, which hopefully would be obvious to the reader(s):

This website is not intended to replace responsible health care. This website does not intend to dictate good health practices, or tell you what to do about ill health. If you are suffering from a problem, be it physical, spiritual, psychological, etc. please do the responsible thing and take care of yourself and take charge of your healing, no matter which methodologies of healing you choose. If you do not seek allopathic medical diagnosis or psychological assistance for your health issues and it turned out to be poor planning on your part, it is NOT the fault of this website or it's contributors. The use of Reiki is optional and, if you choose to use it, it is fully adaptable to complimentary medicine, and there's nothing stopping you from seeking so-called "traditional" medical or mental treatment AND using Reiki. Nor do we recommend that. In addition, while there are few if any reported instances of negative reactions to or harm from Reiki healiing methods, it is theoretically plausible that Reiki may be misused or cause harm to your health, and choosing Reiki as a healing modality may carry risks and the gamble is your own choice, not by our coersion. There are no guarantees on life, and no guarantees that Reiki is capable of restoring your health. We are not medical practitioners, and we are not practicing medicine, with or without a license. "This information is for educational purposes only." yadda, yadda.