About Crisses & Reiki

I am attuned in Reiki through a non-traditional lineage which includes several different approaches to Reiki. My direct teachers/masters were Tyger Brightfield, Geoff Wendel (Rialian) and Barton Wendel (Eyovah). My lineage for Usui Reiki is Dr. Mikao Usui, Dr Chujiro Hayashi , Mrs. Hawayo Takata, Phyllis Lei Furumoto, Carol Farmer, Leah Smith, William Lee Rand, Laura Gifford, Mark R. Brown, Tyger Brightfield, Geoff Wendel and Barton Wendel (the last three of which taught me, Geoff Wendel did my first Reiki I attunement and Tyger Brightfield did my first master-level (in this case Trash-Punch) attunement). Karuna lineage is William Lee Rand, Laura Gifford, Mark R Brown, Tyger Brightfield, Eric Kiper, Geoff Wendel and Barton Wendel. But I'm not sure I really care, this is just here for those who doubt my "credentials" LOL

I was attuned to all three levels of Reiki in one day by Geoff & Tyger, in late June 1998, and received all my preliminary instruction from them, and much support from Geoff. I've received further training, advice, attunements, encouragement for my own exploration of Reiki, and correspondence regarding Reiki uses and symbols from Barton. Since then I have been studying diligently to catch up in mental knowledge what my aura has been attuned to. One of my tools for that is my Reiki Guided Attunement.

The bulk of the Reiki Symbols I've channeled in are channeled by Christina, using the ability she remembers from her past life as Ansa'Abram, who in that past life, also channeled symbols such as these.

I had my first direct memories of BEING Ansa'Abram in March 1999, in Kitchener, Ontario, home of some strange Otherkin vortex :)

Because of the ability to tap into Ansa'Abram's channeling skills, at any time with a few minutes of patience and calm/quiet around me I can start channeling symbols. It's easiest for me with a white/blank wall or sheet of paper in front of me, but after I see the symbol, there's the necessity of pen and paper to write it down. For some reason these things are pretty darned elusive to capture on paper, so it takes a lot of trial and error before I can get on paper what I just saw with that spaced out mind's eye. Maybe in that past life, I was better at it ;) Now, it becomes a fury of inspiration/determination to get the symbol right. Often other symbols try to sneak in while I'm drawing, so afterwards I often look at some of the rejected scribbles and see new symbols come up, which is why I have this tendency to channel two or three symbols on any given day, I'm not looking at a vacuum, there are symbols crowded everywhere in that Otherspace.

There seems to be another thing going on with the channeling of symbols, the ones that come first are the ones you need/desire/want most....or so it's been for me....and from what I know of others' channelings, it might well be true across the board. Sometimes I wonder how many symbols I lost when I was just staring at things as a

The major practitioner of Reiki as a magickal system adjunct in the body appears to be Dreal. We believe she does most of the communion with our guides, and compiling of generic Reiki information, as opposed to the actual channeling of symbols...although we appear to be getting information on a new symbol directly from Sparkle...

Our current Reiki Guides:

I have about 10 Reiki guides. Of them, 4 have identified themselves to me:

Bob (the grey ie. alien--to be named bob for all perpetuity until he figures out something better that's translatable into english phoenetics)

Chiun Li (the Bhuddist monk, yeah I can spell it differently every time ;) )

Tai'an (Taiyan? the Tibetan monk--I'm gonna forget that one a lot, I had to write it down, he's not spoken to me much)

Sprinkle, who the newest guide I've seen/recognized. She's Fae, about 15-inches tall, winged with butterfly wings from what I can tell...she chose the name herself...and she's the one giving me that new marshmallow affirmation/seal symbol...

The others remain anonymous. I had one transient, but I figure my son saying "Bye bye" to his picture keyfob was a megahint.